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70 Bunnvale Road
Califon, NJ 07830

Valley View School:
Ph: (908) 832-2175

Woodglen School:
Ph: (908) 638-4111

Board of Education:
Ph: (908) 638-4521

District Anti-bullying Coordinator
Jason Kornegay
Ph: (908) 638-4521
Valley View School
400 Route 513
Califon, NJ 07830

Harrassment, Intimidation, and Bullying Policy

District HIB Self-Assessment

Guidance for Schools on Implementing the Anti-bullying Bill of Rights Act

User Friendly Budget

Public School Choice Program
Valley View School 

400 Rte. 513
Califon, NJ 07830

(908) 832-2175

(908) 832-6280

Voice Mail: (908) 832-9504
Early Alert: (908) 832-9504 ext. 333

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Name Position Email Phone
Hulcher, Linda Cafeteria (908) 832-2175 x201
Smith, Dawn Cafeteria (908) 832-2175 x201


Name Position Email Phone
Sarullo, Jacqueline School Counselor (908) 832-2175


Name Position Email Phone
Belenguer, Edward Head Custodian (908) 832-9504 x170
Mesic, Belkija Custodian
Petock, Mary Custodian (908) 832-2175

Health Office 

Name Position Email Phone
Garzon, Ellen School Nurse (908) 832-9504 x136


Name Position Email Phone
Nanius, Theresa Administrative Assistant (908) 832-2175
Unkel, Sue Administrative Assistant (908) 832-2175


Name Position Email Phone
Baldwin, Mia Paraprofessional
Billitz, Diana Paraprofessional
Blackmer, Judith Paraprofessional (908) 832-2175
Cerwinski, Barbara Paraprofessional (908) 832-2175
Confortini, Christine Paraprofessional
Dobak, Caterina Paraprofessional
Eberle, Susan Paraprofessional
Fiorillo, Linda Paraprofessional (908) 832-2175
Gentry, Naomi Paraprofessional
Hewitson, Jeanmarie Paraprofessional (908) 832-2175
Hoy, Jamie Paraprofessional
Jones, Stacy Paraprofessional
Marvray, Bresha Paraprofessional
Nanius, Theresa Paraprofessional
Newman, Karen Paraprofessional
Nunley, Rosalia Paraprofessional (908) 832-2175
Pianucci, Denise Paraprofessional
Rittenhouse, Nicole Paraprofessional
Schmidt, Lindsey Paraprofessional
Shields, Lisa Paraprofessional (908) 832-2175
Shomo, Eileen Paraprofessional (908) 832-2175
Squier, Nashunda Paraprofessional
Vuocolo, Teresa Paraprofessional
Zajac, Jacqueline Paraprofessional
Zellman, Joanne Paraprofessional (908) 832-2175


Name Position Email Phone
Bell, Patricia Principal (908) 832-2175